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Vinyl Tool Pouches

Made-to-order vinyl tool pouches are a great way to secure your tools while having easy access. Designed to keep your tools in place with custom pockets or loops inside the pouch. Vinyl tool pouches usually have flaps for closure with either snaps or VELCRO® brand fasteners. Typically the weight of the tools dictate the thickness or gauge of the pouch. They can be made clear or with clear fronts, transparent, opaque or any combination of materials.

Some applications, such as retail point-of-sale, require that the vinyl tool pouch hang. When this is necessary, hang holes can be incorporated into the pouch or a reinforced header of the pouch with eyelets if necessary. If the weight is heavier, metal grommets may be used to support the tool pouch. Many vinyl tool pouches require printing of graphics, logos, tool layouts – culminating into a complete retail packaging solution.

Do you have a special need for your vinyl tool pouch? Whether looking to support fine lightweight tools or to design a heavy gauge tool roll-up, we can help you.

Vinyl Tool Pouches

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