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Pre-pierce Holes with Hole-Piercing Dies

Hole-Piercing Dies

Some materials are simply too hard to self-pierce. In that case a hole should be pre-pierced. Pre-pierced holes can be die cut, drilled or heat-melted if you have the right equipment. Or, select one of our ClipsShop brand precision-made hole piercing dies with complimentary brass anvil that will meet the needs of many applications. The hole-piercing die sets are designed to work interchangeably with our ClipsShop grommet hand presses and setting machines. We also provide various kinds of other dies, which enable the application of rivets, snaps, vents or many other fasteners.

Changing dies with other machines is frequently difficult and sometimes not possible increasing down-time and cost for job setup. We are proud to offer a system of complete interchangeability to make your shop more efficient. This enables efficient setting of dies in all machines in our production portfolio.

Grommet Hole Piercing Dies

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