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Hand Bench Presses & Grommet Attaching Machines

Grommet Hand Presses / Grommet Attaching Machines

RNR Plastics offers a line of ClipsShop brand efficient, innovative, easy-to-use hand press grommet attaching machines for excellent and professional grommet installation use. Our grommet setters and pneumatic grommet presses are portable and practical for a variety of usage situations including installing grommets on tarps, flags, curtains, banners and signs. They are available in free standing or bench mounted versions. Attach one of the compatible interchangeable self-piercing or hole-piercing dies for a complete grommet installation function.

Our hand presses and dies are suitable for applications of a variety of common materials. Perfect for use with vinyl scrim, corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board, canvas and many other substrates. If you have a unique substrate and are concerned with successful execution, simply send us a sample of the material and we will give it a practical test for usage. We want your grommet application project to be a success and we will test our ClipsShop grommets on material with our hand presses if you send in material swatches.

There are four hand press grommet machines available each with its own specialty:

  • ClipsShop CSTEP-1: small and practical, perfect for semi-professional use, no special maintenance needed, an inexpensive grommet press for anyone including beginners applying grommets.
  • ClipsShop CSTEP-2: Unique design offers preferred ease of grommet application and up to 4" from edge grommet placement ability. Will provide years of professional performance. A must have for any sign and banner shop.
  • ClipsShop CSTON-1: A perfect stroking grommet attaching machine for professional use. Adjustable stroking power and a spring vaulted striking system makes for minimal effort, easy for anyone to use. The spring does the work keeping arms from becoming fatigued. The machine has a stop to ensure consistent pressure each time. Unlike the CSTEP-1 or CSTEP-2 hand press which work exclusively based on the strength of the operator, the CSTON-1 grommet press gets its strength from the springs inside.
  • ClipsShop CSBUR-1: Suitable for applying all ClipsShop grommets, the CSBUR-1 is uniquely designed and most common for the application of large grommets like #12, #8.5, #7.5 curtain grommets or #5.5 grommets. Both of these oversized grommets are easier to apply with the extra long handle with special leverage mechanism to increase the force applied. CSBUR-1 is offered with both #12 grommet setting dies as well as hole piercing dies and can be purchase on a cart to wheel around large work like truck covers.

Grommet Hand Presses / Grommet Attaching Machines

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