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Pneumatic Grommet Presses & Grommet Attaching Machines

Pneumatic Grommet Presses / Grommet Attaching Machines

We offer four mechanically automated compressed air powered pneumatic grommet attaching machines which offer safe, efficient grommet installation. Pneumatic grommet machines do not use electricity and do not require the physical effort of a hand bench press. Our pneumatic attaching machines are equipped with advanced safety features and pneumatic foot pedals allowing the operator to safely load the grommets and hold the work in place use both hands. Increase productivity, reduce defective products, reduce cost, increase profits.

The ClipsShop brand CS-TIDY-41 is an affordable, portable, pneumatic European-made grommet attaching machine used to fasten self-piercing metal grommets to banners, tarpaulins, flags, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, signs, posters and more.

Featuring an adjustable, OSHA-compliant safety guard, a pneumatic foot pedal, button and a manual triggering mechanism the CS-TIDY-41 uses no electricity, and has a convenient slug collection drawer compatible with proprietary stainless steel self-cleaning grommet setting dies. At only 15 lbs the CS-TIDY-41 is the lightest pneumatic grommet machine available.

Replace your current grommet press setting machine with the CS-TIDY-41 for more efficient and accurate grommeting while making the job easier for you and your team members. Add the innovative ClipsleD red LED positioning pointer and the GrommetSniper alignment fixture to precisely locate the position of your metal brass grommets.

CS-DAM-03 double action pneumatic grommet press is a state-of-the-art pneumatic machine specifically designed for cutting a hole and attaching ClipsShop non-rusting metal grommets eyelets and washers in a broad range of industrial fabrics in one step. This high quality European-made grommet press is especially suitable for attaching large-size eyelets such as #12 (40 mm) curtain grommets. Punching the hole and setting the grommet in one step reduces production spoilage and increase the efficiency of the eyelet application process.

The CSDAM-03 is built with precision and made with many stainless steel components for increased performance and oxidation resistance. Special surface treatment for metal hardening is applied to reduce the need for machine maintenance and significantly increase the life span of the machine.

Unlike many competitive machines, the CSDAM-03 features high-precision thickness adjustability enabling large eyelets to be reliably and consistently applied to a wide range of substrates from very delicate materials to heavy industrial fabrics.

CS-TIDY-51 is the newest member of the ClipsShop pneumatic grommet machine family. This little monster can generate significantly high force which enable attaching even the largest grommet eyelets.

At 10 kg it is the second lightest grommet attaching machine (second only to the CSTIDY-41!) Thanks to its super compact size and built-in carrying handle, you can easily carry this extended force portable monster everywhere.

Use proprietary ClipsShop 2-step cutting and attaching dies to cut a hole in the fabric and attach large grommets without the need to use two dies or move the material two times. Reduce waste and increase productivity in your production.

ClipsShop pneumatic grommets presses are extremely durable professional grade machines for use on a wide range of materials including vinyl banner scrim, awning, tarps, curtains, corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board and many other substrates. Unlike most traditional grommet machines that allow only one size of grommet application, our models can set various sizes of grommets with our interchangeable stainless steel grommet attaching dies.

There are four pneumatic press grommet attaching machines available:

  • Pneumatic Press CS-TIDY-41: Light and portable as well as durable with innovative features like self-cleaning dies to direct the material scrap chad into the collection drawer and the GrommetSniper alignment fixture.
  • Double-action Pneumatic Grommet Machine CS-DAM-03: Very strong, extremely precise setting of large curtain eyelets and tarpauline grommets cutting the hole and attaching the grommet in a single step.
  • CS-TIDY-51 professional pneumatic machine packs a lot of power in a portable footprint. Strong enough to use with extra large curtain eyelets tarp grommets and two-step cutting and attaching dies.(/li>
  • Pneumatic Press CS-PIC-2: powered by any small air compressor, and accented with a built in electronic safety system this machine performs safely and efficiently. Comes completely assembled with built in table. Optional laser pointer available for precisely locating the position of the grommet.

  • It is our commitment to offer the best quality grommet attaching machinery on the market. Our ClipsShop brand grommet machines are durable, low maintenance, easy to use and cost effective.

    Pneumatic Grommet Machines

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