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Adhesive Vinyl Pouches

Adhesive vinyl pouches or pockets are ideal for a wide range of retail, commercial, and industrial applications such as inventory management, work-in-process and materials handling.

From specialty displays to document organizers, there are hundreds of uses for these handy vinyl pockets. The self-adhesive backing enables you to stick our vinyl pockets easily to binders, file folders, books, booklets, organizers, walls, cabinets, retail displays -- anywhere you need to store items safely and securely. Specialty adhesives are also available for low surface energy material or low-bond adhesives for easy removal.

Adhesive pockets or pouches let you organize a variety of products, objects, or documents without the worry of loss and damage – you’re limited only by your imagination.

  • Adhesive pockets
  • Self-adhesive pockets
  • Peel and stick pockets
  • Crack and peel pockets
  • Adhesive holders
  • Self-adhesive sleeves
  • Self-adhesive holders
  • Corner pockets
  • Adhesive label holders
  • Adhesive tag holders
  • Sticky back pouches
  • Adhesive document holders

Our adhesive pockets are manufactured to the most rigorous specifications, with general-purpose adhesive, clear fronts and recessed openings for easy access. And because we make them to your specifications, you can choose the size, shape, color, clarity, weight, type of closure, durability and functionality of your made-to-order vinyl pouches. Get the features you want, such as multiple pocket pouches, easy-open thumb notches, peel-and-stick and crack-and-peel backs, and pressure-sensitive adhesive. We even have a special high-bond adhesive for low surface-energy plastic such as polypropylene tote bins.  Let us know the features and dimensions you need, and we’ll design and manufacture your vinyl pouches quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our high-quality vinyl pockets are produced with a pressure sensitive adhesive ideal for sticking to most surfaces. Attractive, durable, flexible, functional and reusable – they’re ideal for a variety of applications. Our adhesive vinyl pockets and pouches can be screen-printed, labeled, and designed with a wide range of gussets, slits, flaps and closures. The uses are almost endless:

  • Specialty displays
  • Program add-ons
  • Promotional event materials
  • Labels
  • CD / DVD
  • Business cards
  • Instruction manuals
  • Certificates
  • Inventory tags
  • Retail signs / price points


Do you need a less permanent solution? We also make reusable magnetic pouches and pockets, perfect for inventory control applications, retail sign holders, and any other use that requires mounting flexibility and reuse.

Adhesive Vinyl Pouches Contact us for more information, design ideas, and fast, accurate estimating.