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Vinyl Digital Media Packaging

Our vinyl digital media packaging products are an excellent option for storing, organizing, distributing and displaying compact discs (CDs), digital video discs (DVDs), digital memory sticks and memory cards. Vinyl digital media pouches offered in multiple slot, binder page, folding and single slot versions with or without flap closures are versatile and convenient. They can be a very effective part of a marketing kit, trade show booth, hanging point-of-purchase display or even as an embellishment to another form of media such as a book, retail product or photo album.

Whether part of an elaborate multifold product package or simply for use in archiving a CD collection in a binder, vinyl digital media packaging safely stores and displays your valuable items. We stock a wide array of digital media packaging products, and also offer made-to-order products in a variety of colors, sizes, openings – virtually any configuration possible. Digital media packages can have hang holes, custom binder holes, adhesive backing, VELCRO® brand fasteners, snap or tucking closure flaps. They can be affixed to other vinyl products such as folders, book covers, documents holders, sheet protectors and more. We can also offer screen printing, digital printing or foil stamping as well as multiple color options in either opaque or translucent materials.

Our line of vinyl digital media packaging can accommodate:

  • CD media
  • Business card CDs
  • DVD media
  • Blu-ray discs
  • Memory cards
  • Memory sticks
  • Flash drives
  • Card readers
  • Tamper evident CD / DVD protection

Flexible Vinyl Digital Media

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