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The Fleet Gas Card VisorWallet™ Keeps Cards Handy & Concealed

The Fleet Gas Card VisorWallet™ is specially designed for fleets to eliminate the need for screws, adhesives, and permanently mounting gas card holders which can damage vehicles. Featuring clear vinyl with sewn leather holding a 1” wide adjustable elastic strap, this gas card holder opens from the side for easy card access and can be concealed behind the visor in a consistent place for an entire fleet and all drivers.

Handy, accessible, and hidden, our Fleet Gas Card VisorWallet™ helps improve the resale value of fleet vehicles by eliminating permanent mounting brackets, screws, and glues. Options for this heavy-duty 30-gauge vinyl holder include custom printing with driver instructions, fleet service information, or emergency phone numbers, and color-coded straps.

Our fleet gas card holder eliminates mounting and damaging vehicles and is available from stock for immediate delivery or can be customized with your choice of colors, logos, etc.


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